AT Korea Agro-Fisheries Trade


Banamedia Creative Agency worked with the government agency Korea Agro-Fisheries Trade Corporation and Research and Public Affairs firm Infomaster to conduct a market research for consumer reaction and demands to gluten-free products in Canada.

Banamedia was responsible for organizing the research before and during the stay of the Korean team. With the specifications requested from the Korean team, our firm has recruited experts and testers, set up the testing site. conducted the expert interviews and the CLT.

With our expertise in graphic design, Banamedia designed posters and flyers to be distributed in the GTA region to recruit the testers for the samples. With Banamedia’s philosophy of data-driven approach, our firm worked with the research firm from Korea to develop the right questions to extract key information for the interview with industry experts. Same technique was done for the on field CLT with consumers.

Working closely with these two organization on site, Banamedia Creative Agency has successfully extracted crucial figures from consumers and industry experts about the demand and potential for Korean gluten-free goods in Canada to assist the decision making process of the corporations aiming to export to the Canadian market.

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