Premiere Lingerie is a startup found by a group of aspiring entrepreneurs with a passion to offer a collection of fashionable, high quality, perfectly fitting lingerie [intimates]. The “designers” of Premiere was fuelled by the idea that great lingerie is the most intimate expression of personal style. Directly on your skin, the quality products of Premiere seek to let you feel sexy, confident, and comfortable, as if they are extensions of yourself.

When the team approached Banamedia in search of a highly capable agency to create their web presence, the “designers” of Premiere were already on the last stage of preparations to launch their business. The experts of Banamedia immediately saw the need to define Premiere’s web presence in a way that would emphasize Premiere’s pledge to offer qualify products from reputable companies. We believed that each set style of lingerie was designed to serve a different function and to perform different wonders on your body. Therefore, we focused on crafting a web space that would best reflect the unique characteristics of each product. The experts of Banamedia determined the concepts, style, and tone of this distinctive web space customized to offer the most personalized shopping experience.

Project Goals

Premiere Lingerie offers wide variety of products put together to accommodate the personal styles of diverse clientele. We wanted to design a web space customized to offer convenient one-click shopping experience on each of the products.
The mission of this project had been to craft a space that would be user-friendly on all devices. Thus, the high quality graphics and E-Commerce system of this unique web space were enhanced to be mobile-friendly.
Product Portfolio
We believed that each set of lingerie was customized to fit different body types, occasions, and to perform different wonders on your body. The goal of this project was to emphasize the various options that Premiere offers to their customers through innovative functions with modern yet chic undertone set on the web space.
Premium Content
The most important aspect of this project had been to represent Premiere as a premium lingerie line that imports high quality, influential designs from Korea to the North American market. All of the elements of the website, from the font, product layout, and photography were customized to emphasize the aesthetical pleasure Premiere could bring to their customers.

After evaluating few options, the experts at Banamedia chose to craft the Premiere’s unique web space using WordPress. The web developers at Banamedia expressed strong familiarity with WordPress. Also, we took note of the fact that the two largest WordPress plugins, WP e-commerce and WPML, are the two most essential features necessary to provide the customers with convenient one-click shopping experience.

Interactive Elements
The experts at Banamedia strongly believed that incorporating interactive elements into Premiere’s web space would be essential to their business solutions. Therefore, product photography slideshows were carefully crafted using innovative technologies for each page, as well as putting together Social Network Services platform to broaden the online presence of Premiere. We believe that incorporating these innovative technologies on their website would be critical to kick start their business.

In a competitive market, it takes every room of creativity and careful attention to detail to stand out. As a creative agency, our team at Banamedia comprehended the mission of Premiere to provide their clients with personalized and unique premium lingerie shopping experience, and thus focused on emphasizing this message on their web space. Not only we employed our innovative design skills to carefully craft this site, we utilized our expert knowledge on E-commerce system to create a user-friendly website. This project proved to be successful due to our expert’s innovation intuitions and the sense of teamwork displayed between the two teams.
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