The Toronto Kpop Con (TKC) is an annual Korean Pop (kpop) music convention held in Toronto, Canada. The convention is produced by the Toronto-based entertainment agency “Pop! Goes the World!” as a response to local fans’ interest and demand for a Kpop centric convention in Canada.

Project Goals

The simple design adopted for this project ensures the website to be mobile friendly. As most users for this website will access ticketing information through mobile devices, keeping the website mobile friendly is a must. A side slide-in menu allows for users to access all information easily.
Ease of Use
Toronto Kpop Con offers several concerts to choose from for their clients. The challenge was to allow users to easily navigate without being overwhelming. This allows for information to be easily read and ticketing to be a smooth process.
For Banamedia, the goal of this project was to establish ‘Toronto Kpop Con’ as a leading annual event that all young adults would recognize. This involved an interactive process of putting high quality photographs of the current and past Toronto Kpop Cons together for users to understand what the event is about through the web. By designing a site that best portrays the convention, the experts of Banamedia believe that this unique portrayal of the website has left an impression on the community.
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